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Hello dear friends


I'm Anat, the creator of Leila. and I'm very happy you came to visit! 

The artwork I create focuses on bringing beauty to your meaningful words. 
And through my art, I hope to uplift your words and illuminate your essence.
About two years ago my two dear friends got married and chose to write their own personal ketubah that represented their shared vision of their common path. I was so excited by the opportunity to add beauty to their vision.
 I thought about this moment, where two people choose to take a joint walk in life, stop for a moment, listen to themselves… 
bare and honest, they define the world they choose to create, and the house they choose to build.
I didn't imagine how much meaning and joy I would find in this type of artwork. Along the way, I had the privilege of illustrating other ketubahs for people I love and so I decided to open this shop, and devote my time to creating colorful and inspirational ketubahs.
Adding beauty to the world fills my heart with joy!

I've been painting since I can remember myself. Creating a magical world of colors and shapes. 
The process of an artwork is like meditation for me, I lose a sense of time, and connect to the movement of the hand on the paper creating textures and combinations of colors.
So I welcome you to join me on this colourful journey. Let's create together your unique and personal ketubah.

22 Aya Wind copy.jpg

Your ketubah will feature gold details that have a magical illuminating effect when light touches it.

Your ketubah will be printed on the highest quality paper - Museum-grade paper. This paper has no artificial brighteners. And has a high paper shade stability and a resistance to aging by using natural minerals. 

This ketubah can include any text you choose.
You are more then welcome to write your personal love contract. 
If you wish to use a text that is Orthodox / Conservative / Reform / Alternative , I can send you an example that you may use.

* Translation to Hebrew starts at $50.

Once you order, I will contact you and send you a form to fill out including your personal details and the text you would like to use. After I finish creating your ketubah I will send you a picture by email. I recommend that your rabbi or officiant read through the text for accuracy of the details.
Once I receive your approval, your ketubah will be printed and I will start the original work of golden details.
This process takes a while, so I encourage you to place your order at least 5 weeks before your wedding. 


I want to get to know you, so it’s important to me to create attentive and authentic communication between us.

I welcome you to write to me
! feel free to ask me any question and I assure you I will answer you with my full attention and honesty.

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