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כרמל ואיתי.png

"Anat took our ketubah words and with her amazing illustrations, she created a beautiful world...
rich, magical and full of soul. She turned our ketubah into a moving, enlightening and heart-opening
work of art. We hung it in a central place in our house and anyone who came to visit us stops for a
moment and marvels at the beauty, depth and delicacy of the illustrations.

For us, it's a beautiful, daily reminder of all the promises we made to ourselves on our wedding day
and one of the most beautiful and meaningful souvenirs we could ask for."

Carmel & Itay

רוי ונתנאל.png

"The ketubah that Anat designed for us combines so much beauty and meaning! With a motif of Jerusalem and an Israeli color pallet . We are proud that our ketubah is so personal and so unique!
We feel that this is a work of art that symbolizes the beginning of our joint journey as a married couple in Israel."

Revital & Netanel

יפעת ויואב.png

"Dear Anat,

Illustrating words that  express the tender and deep relationship between two souls, is indeed a complex task. Not only did you accomplish the task big time! You've been  professional and understanding all through the process. You are a gifted artist and we wish every couple such a gift!

The beautiful Ketubah is hanging in our room - Not only is it a piece of art, it is also a reminder of our shared vision."

Yifat & Yoav

חנה וסטפן עיגול.png

Hannah & Stephen

"My fiance and I ordered a personalized ketubah for our wedding and gave Anat full artistic freedom in the execution of the piece. We had no idea what we wanted our ketubah to look like, but we really liked the style of Anat's work. We were so excited and curious to see what the Ketubah would look like and were thrilled with the final result. She really took the time to mold aspects we shared about ourselves and our personal family backgrounds. It was also very easy to communicate with her, you would never know she was on the other side of the world. Thanks Anat, we cannot wait to hang this in our home!"

"Une Ketouba toute en couleur qui raconte l histoire d un couple qui se présente sous la houppa pour s unir .
La peintre Anna par son talent a su retracer les moments  forts de leur rencontre , de leurs points communs , tout cela en histoire .
Ce parcours sous fond  d art naïf, coloré , plein de vie laisse présager une plénitude pour l éternité"


"A ketubah full of colors that tells the history of the couple who are meeting under the chupa to join their lives together.

Anat, with her talent, succeded to represent in paint, with colourful artwork, their life journey together, the powerful moment of their first meeting and their common dreams."

עדות רינתי.png

Corinne & Paul

abbi pic.png

Abigail & Eric

"I found Anat's gorgeous ketubahs and I knew she would be the perfect artist to capture my vision. We chatted back and forth and she was so patient and kind as she took in all of my suggestions. 
When my ketubah arrived, I was in complete awe of how Anat 100% captured my vision- she was spot on (and I am very picky!). She created the most special, beautiful ketubah that is truly a piece of art. My husband and I cannot wait to have it framed and hanging in our new home. 
I cannot say enough good things about Anat and her work. I hope to meet her one day in Israel to adequately thank her in person. 

שרה ארלינג.png

Sarah Eiring

“Anat was absolutely wonderful and delivered a perfect, beautiful product, complete with
instructions for unpackaging the piece. Everyone who has seen it has been overwhelmed by its
beauty and we are so delighted by her work, ourselves. She also helped us with the Hebrew
translation of our text, and was very easy to communicate with. I absolutely recommend Anat's work
and cannot compliment the quality enough!”

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