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I've always loved looking through old, illustrated manuscripts books... For me, inspiration can come from a single beautiful fragment.. like a unique decorative flower, or a washed out texture of an old paper. ⠀

In many of the ancient illustrated manuscripts, (especially ketubahs) you can notice a lot of "imperfections".. you can see the text squished in a tiny space, or decorations that seemed like they could have been drawn by a little child, free and naive.⠀

I think those "imperfections" are actually the perfection! That is what brings an art piece to shine and to stand out, catching our souls and moving our emotions.⠀

That is also why I used a lot of organic textures in my own artwork, giving me less control of the final result. That is also why I always use my own handcrafted pen and pencil sketch as the base of every piece I create... Making sure that each stroke has a different feel, and its own uniqueness.

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