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New Soul Lenses

I've been thinking of what I would honestly want to say about the past year… one of the nicest things that I've heard about 2020, is the realization of the opportunity we had to feel a shared human experience. And while that is true and beautiful, when I write to you now, I feel an urge to talk about the small, private experiences that each one of us had this past year. 2020 has provided us so many new challenges. new lenses, which we see our reality through. And if I honestly ask myself what I have learned from these past 12 months… I think the answer would be - befriending uncertainty.

Well… it's a learning process.. but I think I'm getting better at it.😊

At first, when me and Uncertainty we're bound to "stay in the same room" , I looked at her, and I realized that she usually comes along with other "friends", such as anxiety, fear and contraction. And I was overwhelmed by hosting these new friends within my mind.

But time has its own magic… and through spending that long amount of time together with Uncertainty, I've learned to look at her more closely. And I've discovered that at the back of the "feelings crowd", Uncertainty invited a few more friends… curiosity, excitement, creativity and faith.

I'm still learning to know Uncertainty, to cherish her beauty, her generosity of unlimited possibilities. But mostly I'm learning to respect the inevitable presence of uncertainty in our lives, with all her glory. 🙏❤️

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