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"Caramel dream" ketubah

This design, is one of the first ketubas I've created… it was originally inspired by the amazing couple Carmel & Itay❤️

These two unique human beings, nurture their relationship with laughter, imagination, honesty, respect and love.

I wanted to create a ketubah that would reflect all of these values that shine out of their beautiful relationship. So I knew it would have to be very colorful and cheerful, and filled with imagination.

Carmel ( the bride) loves elephants and Indian vibes, And Itay ( the groom) loves to research, and to discover new fields of knowledge. So in this ketubah, I've created a magical world, a festive adventure, we're all beings (animals and humans) are celebrating life, discovering its beauty and opening their hearts to new and exciting dimensions of life... Wishing them a life journey of Serendipity ❤️

* I believe in the spreading beauty in the world and therefore most of the ketubahs I create are added to my shop, allowing people the option to enjoy the artwork and choose it for their wedding as well. Every custom design on my shop has a special heart shaped label, naming the couple that inspired the original design.

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