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It's been a while since I've introduced myself

Hello friends and new friends. So it's been a while since I've introduced myself… I'm Anat, the creator of "Leila". And I'm happy for this opportunity to talk a little bit about how I started my creative journey (and I promise I'll do a follow-up post about how I started my business). I've been drawing and painting since I was a little girl (like most children do, I suppose 😅)... As a teenager I tried going to several painting classes, but I've usually quitted after a short while, since it was difficult for me to draw and create in a class with a lot of people and a lot of interaction…Drawing was always my safe zone, and for me that meant, being in an intimate State of mind and intimate environment. So Instead, I've jumped on every opportunity to create and design, including School shows, and student movies. And when I finished high school and got to that crossroad where you need to choose "what ya gonna to do with the rest of your life" it was pretty natural for me to choose art studies, since it was the only thing that consistently interested me through the years. And I was eager and curious to discover deeper levels of creation.

I completed my degree in visual communication in Bezalel academy of art and design, and those three years in Bezalel were an amazing opportunity for me!

I've opened up to various techniques, and explored my creation with video art, doll making, papercraft and animation.

In that stage I never imagined I would become a judaic artist… I do come from a religious family, but I guess I just didn't ever think about combining my art with religion.

After I graduated, and a few of my friends started to get married, I volunteered to illustrate their ketubah. (again, jumping on any opportunity 😅) this was the first time I've realized how much joy and meaning I could get out of creating for someone that I love, and knowing that that someone will cherish my artwork forever, since it contains such powerful words, and symbolizes such a special moment.

Okay this post is getting too long 😂 lol

I'm going to follow up on this subject!

So stay tuned. And have a beautiful day.

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