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Four years ago, @eladgellert_music and I stood beneath our chuppah, with all of our family and friends surrounding us.( I'm reminding you it was before the corona time..😉) I come from a religious family, and I still consider myself religious in my own way, and @eladgellert_music comes from a secular background, and yet he's the most spiritual person I've ever known. We wanted to create our own unique wedding ceremony, that will reflect our personalities. We've orchestrated a ceremony that was rooted in the Jewish Halacha , with our own personal additions.⠀

And we've decided to sign on to ketubahs:⠀

A traditional Aramaic ketubah⠀

And a personal ketubah that we wrote ourselves.⠀

Designing my own ketubah an interesting process for me... We've actually used the same questionnaire form that I send to the couples I work with on custom ketubahs.⠀

We wrote down favorite colors, key phrases and keywords that were meaningful for us, and wrote down our mutual vision for our future together.⠀

The main elements in our ketubah, are the two birds on the top, which represent each of our creations (saxophone symbolizes the music, and the paint brushes symbolize my art). And in the center , I placed a little house with the word בית , to symbolize the home that we create together.⠀


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