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Seven days of creation

This "Seven days of creation" art piece has such a moving story behind it.

A while ago, a nice man named Zachary reached out to me, with a special request. His sister was about to give birth to her first baby. And he wanted to surprise her with a unique and meaningful gift. He wrote to me that their mother used to say a specific prayer during the Shabbat candle lighting time, and she said that prayer every week for 39 years before her passing.

He wanted an original artwork to display the same exact prayer that their mother used to say, as a keepsake for their mother's memory and as a continuation for the same prayer, that his sister could say every Shabbat.

Zachary knew that he wanted a theme of the 7 days of creation for this art piece, and he even knew the layout that he had in mind for the design. He wanted the symbols of the seven days on both sides of the prayer, and for Shabbat to be portrayed in the lower center, symbolizing the essence and the focus on that special day.

This "seven days of creation" artwork, folds within it the entire cycle of creation, which I personally feel that resembles the entire circle of life itself. From the first speck of light, of birth… evolving through the changes of life… into the complete serenity of Shabbat, of heaven. 

The cycle of creation from generation to generation… from mother to daughter, to her newborn baby, and to generations to come.

I am so thankful that I could take a part in this meaningful gift. 🙏

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