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The good will is all 💌

"The good will is all - and all the talents are ways to fulfill it." - Rabbi Kook

Dear friends 💌 to be honest, I never thought I'd become a Judaica artist.. it's just not what I envisioned, but then again most of the things that our present reveals aren't necessarily what we envisioned. And I mean it in a good way. 😊

And to be even more honest, I still don't see myself today as a Judaica artist.. I use that title because we live in a world where we need titles to frame our occupations. It helps us to communicate and to understand each other better.

But in reality, I see myself as an artist that has a privilege to create meaningful art, to connect beauty and spirit together, and to make people feel connected to the artwork they get.

Sometimes it's through a wedding ketubah.. sometimes it's through a sentimental painting that's hung up on the wall..

Either way, I feel blessed, knowing that my art mean something for other people, and makes them happy.

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