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The process ✨

Hey friends, I want to let you in behind the scenes… this gold paint is where the magic begins. But the process of creating my artwork, actually begins with a simple pencil & paper. I start with a rough sketch, just to place the elements within the composition that I want to create.. I do this with very faded pencil line, to make it easy to erase it afterwards. Then I take a fine tipped pen, and very carefully I draw the actual illustration. The reason that I don't do a detailed sketch with a pencil ahead of time, is cuz I like to "improvise" with the fine pen. I find that the medium that I use really influences the way that the lines look on the paper, that's why I prefer to use the pen which is much more smooth on the paper. After I finish my illustration as a black and white version, I scan it in a high quality scanner, and I move on to edit it on my computer. Throughout the years I've developed my own unique technique to create organic textures, which I love!  This is actually where I let myself fly into Neverland and "go crazy" with unconventional color combinations, just letting my imagination be free and do its thing. 🧚

Next up I print the artwork on luxurious, high quality fine art paper, using a professional high-end printer, which allowing the final product to come out with vibrant colors and a crisp look. 

And last but not least, I use fine brushes to apply shimmering gold paint, adding delicate golden details on top of the print, ceiling the artwork with a magical atmosphere. ✨

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